I’ Aspire to Inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and grow  as individuals. The following topics are what I am passionate about and I hope that you find value in joining me on this journey. I also hope you enjoy the experiences i share and use them to make your own memories.


Travel preparations essentials.
Let the adventures of Traveling Begin!

Travel, the most enriching experience that a person should invest in themselves. The key to unlocking these experiences is to realize that the world is bigger than just the area we call home. The world has so much to offer, in fact the country we live in has so much to offer, yet we live, not realizing that we can have a new experience just by stepping out of our doors and entering an area we have never been to.

I embark on journeys, whether international or local, to feed the soul, therefore follow the journey as I Travel  around and who knows you might find your next vacation idea or destination 😉 


Wine Tasting & Dining 


With numerous wine estates in Cape Town and surrounds, I have  embarked on a journey of traveling to a new wine estate every weekend to take in the vibe and to experience what they have to offer (activities and cultivars of wine). I thereafter plan on documenting the experience, which i hope will help you plan your next road trip 😉

Food is a necessity, but where you purchase it from varies and this is where i step in. I love trying out different restaurants and different foods, so keep an eye out on my reviews to find out new restaurants to try out.

So stay tuned for some updates regarding food and wine by clicking on the link: Wine & Dine



Sport holds a special place in my heart, because I grew up involved in many sporting codes, whether participating or following it on tv. Therefore my passion for sport leads me to be very opinionated and to get out my views about what is happening around the world, i blog to get my point across.

So to the sport enthusiasts, follow the link to the posts and if you agree or disagree, you can comment. I value your opinion, whether in agreement or disagreement:  Sport



I am not an over the top shopper, but when I do shop and find good deals and quality products, you can find a post about it. I believe sharing is caring and wont keep something good a secret if it can benefit others.  Reviews

About myself: 


Name: Dhashnie Pillay

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Age: 25

I am a currently residing in the beautiful city of Cape Town, for the last 2 years. This city has inspired and grown me into the independent young adult that i am today. I have a few interests that have grown over this time and therefore want to blog about the interesting parts of them. My passion is travelling, whether local or international, Wine Tasting, Photography, Nature and wildlife and  Outdoor activities. A big passion that deserves it own sentence is Sport, as I grew up an avid follower of many sporting codes especially Cricket and Football. Teams that i am a die hard of fan off are, Proteas for cricket and Liverpool for Football. I find myself very patriotic towards my country and therefore if my country is taking part in a sport event, be sure that i will be supporting them 100%. Lastly, I am a God fearing women, who places Jesus at the centre of my life.