Whale Season: Experience the Whale Festival at Hermanus this September!

It’s almost that time of the year again where people will be flocking to Hermanus in the Western Cape, to celebrate and enjoy the sighting of the Southern Right Whales. The whale festival is an annual event that is held for 3 days at the end September each year in Hermanus, with people coming from far and wide to attend this event. This year the festival is in its 27th year and will be held from the 28th to the 30th of September 2018.


Whale Breaching at Walker Bay in Hermanus

Having attended this event last year for the first time since I moved to the cape,  I have become fond of the event so much so, that i will be attending the event again this year and probably every year thereafter. My attraction to the event stems from my love for wildlife and nature, so to me, the chance of witnessing the biggest creature so close (picture to the right), will capture my attention continuously.



Before I lose you attention because you are still deciding if the trip is feasible for you and your family or friends, here are the basic details:

  1. There is No Entrance Fee involved for the whale watching festival. Like Duh, its the ocean so there shouldn’t be but just to clear any doubt I make that point. The only cost may be entering the tent for live entertainment.
  2.  Its in Hermanus, a beautiful yet generally quiet town and on any day is quite a treat to visit, so imagine getting the chance to mingle with people in an electric atmosphere.
  3. The Distance of the drive to Hermanus from Cape Town and surrounds is less the 150 km’s one way and approximately 300 km’s return. The route is basically through the N2 and that means you can maximise fuel with cruise control. So for fuel cost lets say R300 for drive out to Hermanus and back.


Now with the finer details out the way, let’s focus on what you will get to experience:

  1. Southern Right Whale Watching: Well this is obvious as it is the whale festival. The chances of a spotting are extremely high. Just think of it this way, the event is in its 27th year and that wouldn’t be possible without imminent sightings.
  2. The festival itself: There will be live entertainment to liven up the event.
  3. Family(kids) friendly: It’s an occasion to get out the house with the whole family, meaning there are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy. Included are kids rides, face painting etc.
  4. Expos: The Eco-Marine Festival – is a tent that will be dedicated to teaching both young and old about the creatures of the ocean. Expos like this should almost be compulsory for the little ones, so that they can be empowered to make wise decisions when they grow up because as they say the kids are the future and the ocean is vital for the survival of the world.
  5. Get out your swim suits as Spring has arrived and after such a cold winter, this will be the ideal time to take a dip into the ocean. Last year there were a multitude of people swimming and it looked like an event of its own to be honest.

    Kayaking at Hermanus
  6. Water Activities: Hermanus is such a beautiful place to go out Kayaking. I experienced this in January when i went out with Walker Bay Adventures and I can imagine how much better it would be now in Whale season.
  7. Food: There are many restaurants to choose from in Hermanus, offhand I can name two that I have been to, Colcacchios and Coco Restaurant and cocktail deck.  These are two of my favourites, but there are plenty to choose from including the regular fast food outlets in the malls close by.


So if you are looking for your next adventure for September, look no further than the whale festival. Think about it as a cost effective way to get out the house with the whole family because it is cheaper to drive out to Hermanus than it is to go to the cinema with a family of 5. Or if you are going with friends then the cost can be shared between the group. So here is hoping to bump into you at the Whale Festival.


Dhashnie Pillay





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