Author: Dhashnie Pillay

South African Young adult stepping out of her comfort zone with the aim of living life to the fullest, with God at the centre of it all .. I cross boundaries frequently, especially when it comes to knowledge of Sport amongst women ... Lover of Nature and all things outdoor .. New Hobby helps capture all these moments, namely Photography (Love my Nikon) .. So walk alongside me and help me on the journey through this thing we call life :) Discover life with me, you wont regret it ...

Sports Wrap: Week Ending 44

My first sports wrap of the year has come in Week 44 of the year but it is better late then never and its gives me the chance to build momentum into the next year that is fast approaching. With access to sporting channels recently I have been able to follow an array of sport that I love and this weekend was action packed if i had to say so. Just so you know for the future, the sport that I love is Cricket, Rugby, Football and Tennis but will be covering more going into the future.

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Whale Season: Experience the Whale Festival at Hermanus this September!

It’s almost that time of the year again where people will be flocking to Hermanus in the Western Cape, to celebrate and enjoy the sighting of the Southern Right Whales. The whale festival is an annual event that is held for 3 days at the end September each year in Hermanus, with people coming from far and wide to attend this event. This year the festival is in its 27th year and will be held from the 28th to the 30th of September 2018. Continue reading “Whale Season: Experience the Whale Festival at Hermanus this September!”

Rickety Bridge Wine Estate: why it’s worth every penny to visit! 

DSC_0627[1]Rickety Bridge Wine Estate is a beautiful wine estate that is located in the beautiful town of Franschhoek. This is a town that is cradled between mountains, so you can just imagine what a perfect setting this wine farm would have for photography enthusiasts, like myself.

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Publik Wine Fair 2018: The event that blew up my passion for wine.

Publik Wine Event with my favorite wine of the event 😏

Publik wine fair 2018, an event that showcases great wine producers and allows the public a chance to get to mingle and pick the brains of the wine makers themselves. It was hosted at the Publik warehouse in Salt river, on the 15th of July, with the full quota of 300 tickets being sold.

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Lourensford Wine Estate: The first stop in this journey.

The Western Cape, particularly the areas surrounding Cape Town, is well known for its wine estates and if one wants to truly experience what Cape Town is like, then wine estates is a definite must visit. Over the next few weeks, I will be visiting different wine farms or attending wine events to help you choose which wine farm should be next on your list to visit. To start off the journey, Lourensford Wine Estate was the first stop on my long list. Continue reading “Lourensford Wine Estate: The first stop in this journey.”

LUSH Shampoo: The organic way of doing life! 

LUSH, the store you can smell from miles away when walking through a mall and that further entices you  to step into the shop with its radiating display of products that’s set in a colorful arrangement creating a cool vibe for one to walk into. What’s even more surprising is that it drew me, a tom boy in my younger days, who dislikes shopping to this day.  Continue reading “LUSH Shampoo: The organic way of doing life! “

Travel Tips: Be Smart not Extravagant!

Travel has become a topic that i keep thinking and talking about more and more often these days. I have become so in love with the idea of travelling that it disappoints me to sit idle and let time pass thereby achieving none of my goals. However with the new year, a little more mature me, i have devised a plan to travel more and it may not be as extravagant as you think. Continue reading “Travel Tips: Be Smart not Extravagant!”