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My biggest passion in life is SPORT. It has fundamentality had a big influence on my life and the person I have become today. Girls can love ‘Sport’ just as much as guys, just keep following this blog to see ;) #GirlPower

Sports Wrap: Week Ending 44

My first sports wrap of the year has come in Week 44 of the year but it is better late then never and its gives me the chance to build momentum into the next year that is fast approaching. With access to sporting channels recently I have been able to follow an array of sport that I love and this weekend was action packed if i had to say so. Just so you know for the future, the sport that I love is Cricket, Rugby, Football and Tennis but will be covering more going into the future.

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Morkel: Leaving his mark on the field and in our hearts! 

The time i met the Legend himself at JP 21Project

In life many aim to add value to their name, to make their name become known to the world. Sportsman succeed to an extent with this, they become known for the period in which they play. However, very few leave legacies behind and I have had the honor of being able to watch one such person play, that being, Morne Morkel.  Continue reading “Morkel: Leaving his mark on the field and in our hearts! “

Newlands: A game full of Spice, ironically, won by Proteas and not India. 

SA vs India match had more spice than the chicken curry.

I sit here indulging in my Indian-ness, eating a chicken curry that is flavoured well but still somehow the SA vs India match seems spicier. Yes, I said it, the cricket match between SA and India was spicier than the chicken curry in front of me. How you may wonder? Lets begin.  Continue reading “Newlands: A game full of Spice, ironically, won by Proteas and not India. “

Brace yourself, Football season is here! 

Football, the biggest sport in the world, is about to take over your life for the next 9/10 months of your life. From England to South Africa, the season of Football is about to begin and capture our attention, while evening breaking hearts in the process. Tips for girls, its time to learn the sport so you aren’t the one’s left with a broken heart (see more tips at the end). Continue reading “Brace yourself, Football season is here! “