LUSH Shampoo: The organic way of doing life! 

LUSH, the store you can smell from miles away when walking through a mall and that further entices you  to step into the shop with its radiating display of products that’s set in a colorful arrangement creating a cool vibe for one to walk into. What’s even more surprising is that it drew me, a tom boy in my younger days, who dislikes shopping to this day.  Continue reading “LUSH Shampoo: The organic way of doing life! “

Life at 25: Not as peachy as it appears!

By the age of 25 I shall be successful, married with kids and live in a house surrounded by a white picket fence. Does this statement sound familiar to anyone reading this, especially females born in the nineties and earlier, when we as kids played “house house” game?. Continue reading “Life at 25: Not as peachy as it appears!”